Why Ratu Oceania Raya bali?

PT. Ratu Oceania Raya is taken from the word Ratu which means queen, Oceania which means Sea and Raya which means big. So the name of PT. Ratu Oceania Raya was taken because this company works in the field of services that dispatch workers to work on the ocean, where the ocean is also a symbol of a mother as a place to devote all problems and in the hope that PT. Ratu Oceania Raya will be bigger in the future, able to give birth to the new queens and the next generation to work on cruise ships.


What makes PT. Ratu Oceania Raya Bali different in many ways is the attention to detail for both our clients and candidates needs. PT. Ratu Oceania Raya Bali firmly believes that each person deserves the best service when applying for a job. All of the candidates are treated with respect and equality. Ethics play a large part in how PT. Ratu Oceania Raya Bali operates its business.

PT. Ratu Oceania Raya Bali has a strict pre-screening process for all applicants. When reviewing a new application, PT. Ratu Oceania Raya Bali prides itself on its high standards of qualification. The main qualities that are considered essential are:  English proficiency, great attitude, confidence, professional appearance, and experience.

PT. Ratu Oceania Raya Bali cooperates with a Maritime Training Center, to give a Training and processing Documents such as BST, CCM, SSAT, Clinic with ISO standard, etc for Cruise Ships partner.

PT. Ratu Oceania Raya Bali also has a charity program that held every twice a year, to help poor communities. By working with PT. Ratu Oceania Raya Bali we bring back the benefit for every level of our communities.

PT. Ratu Oceania Raya is one of the biggest official cruise line agency in Indonesia, cooperate with Disney Cruise Line, The World Residence, Sea chefs, Carnival UK Group, P & O cruise, Cunard Cruise, Ocean View Monaco and Viking Ocean Cruises. It was built on October 1st, 2007 by Deddy Herfiandy and Mr. Sean E. Carwithen. On August 2008, Nyoman Sudiartawan set up  Ratu Oceania Raya Bali and officially open on August 8, 2008. Based on our motto: Committed to Quality & Equality (Quality is our First Priority and We Serve our Crew with the Same Friendly Way). The company is located at Jl. Beringin, no. 56, Br. Pegending, Dalung, Kuta Utara, Bali, Indonesia.  PT. Ratu Oceania Raya Bali has grown and become a recognized provider of the qualified individual for cruise line industry and catering company position abroad.

Presently, Ratu Oceania Raya Bali has a diverse and qualified team of staff, with the majority having had experience either on the cruise ship, in large chain hotels or other sectors of the hospitality industry.